Bibles Download

(Under Construction for all major languages)

Content of the Package

1. 66 HTML files, each of which is for a book of the Bible

2. 5 CSS files for font sizes

3. index.htm - Table of Content of the Bible

4. search.htm - Searching program

5. serguidexx.htm - Searching guide

6. books.txt - raw text for bibles comparison

7. readme.txt - Description and Installation Guide

Download and Installation

(Slightly different for various operating systems)

1. Download the package from the website where xxx is the Bible Version

2. Save the zip file in any folder.

3. Double click the zip file and choose "compress folder program" if necessary.

4. It will generate a folder "xxx" with 76 files (as mentioned above) inside, under the zip file or beside it.

5. If it is under the zip file, then move the folder "xxx" to another location and it will be automatically decompressed.

6. Double click the file index.htm to open it with any internet browser.

7. Set the view/encoding: Auto-select utf-8 if necessary.

8. Save the index in Favorite (Bookmark).

Browser Adjustment

For the browser Internet Explorer, it is not necessary to adjust the options if used on internet. However, if the bible is downloaded in the personal computer, then it might be necessary to adjust the options as follows:

1) Select "Tools/Internet Options/Advanced"

2) Pull to near the bottom and select "Security - Allow active content to run in files on my computer"

3) Select OK, close and reopen the browser.

Bibles Download